The romance of chess

We’ve seen the popularity of chess skyrocket in the last few months, thanks to the runaway success of Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit. Chess has always been a cerebral game; perhaps chess and romance are not always the first thing you think of, but there is definitely romance in this kind of game! 

It’s elegantly played, and the give and take between the players can be a pleasure to experience and watch! Chess has always been connected to romance, even if we might not immediately pick up on that connection. 

The Romantic chess period

Believe it or not, chess has its own Romantic period! This started in the 15th century, making its way up until the 1800s as a popular style of chess. 

During this time, the style of games was more quick and tactical than the longer, strategy-driven games that we’ve become accustomed to. It was a dynamic, exciting time that led to thrilling chess matches, and that energy is what made them so attractive. 

There is still a lot of debate about what made this Romantic period of chess so distinctive. Some say it’s the sacrificial plays whether opponents had to accept the move. Others deem it the Romantic period because it was more engaging and dynamic styles of the game, and players did not go into strategy as much. Instead, they opted for showmanship and giving the audience a good show.

The Romantic period of chess was about embracing change, moving quickly, and not getting too bogged down in rules and gambits but playing more instinctively. There’s a lot that we can learn about romance itself from this type of chess, and a good lesson around enjoying moments together and following your instincts! 

Exploring chess and romance

Although subtle, there has always been a connection between chess and romance. In times when it was difficult for men and women to meet, chess games at cafes were a romantic interval for couples! This way, couples could spend hours and hours together without raising any eyebrows and have fun while doing so. If you’re looking for a romantic day in and spending some quality time together, a fun game of chess can be a romantic date idea

A deluxe chess set can help set the ambiance, and you can practice with one another, making it a fun activity. You can also use chess games as a romantic interlude after work to decompress a little bit, enjoy time with one another and get your mind off the day. 

If you’re looking for a chess set that looks beautiful for date night and makes a great luxury addition to your home, the Champion Chessmen & Marble Table, which is handcrafted In Italy, is a wonderful choice. 

Is chess always romantic?

Ultimately, the beauty of games like chess lies in their simplicity, and perhaps that’s why the game has endured over the centuries. A game of chess can be whatever you make of it. It is a quick and fun game, something long and drawn-out so you can strategize and learn more about one another. Or just an exciting board game that you can keep coming back to. 

Chess and romance have always been intertwined, and with popular shows keeping the game in the conversation, this will continue to stay the same. Whatever you make of it, a chessboard is ready and waiting for you to shape that experience! 

We have an extensive selection of chess sets across price points that are handcrafted and luxurious, making them a great investment alongside being a fun activity! Browse our chess set selections here as you plan your next romantic night in, and enjoy the game like the Romantics did back in the day! 

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