Outdoor & Indoor Sports

At Family Fitness at Home, we want to help make your house “the fun house.”


When you were a kid, do you remember that one house amongst your friends that was deemed the fun house? Everyone was always gathering there, memories were made, and good times had. From weekend get togethers to weeknight family board game nights, let’s create an unmatched collection of indoor and outdoor sports making your house the go to place for unforgettable fun.


Classic board games are a marvelous way to bring everyone together, no matter their age. Have grandma and grandpa over for dinner and end the night with a game of backgammon with our Map Gammon Leatherette. An exquisite set of solid brass hardware and aria stone checkers, the Map Gammon Leatherette will be hours of fun with family. For parties, we recommend our popular board game The Joker Poker Set. A set of Monte Carlo poker chips in an Italy briarwood high gloss case, the Joker Poker Set screams let’s party.


Let’s take the fun outside with hoverboards. You may be asking what is a hoverboard? Well, a hoverboard is a two-wheeled electric portable device that is commonly known as a self balancing scooter. Maybe this one isn’t for all ages but all ages can enjoy the fun of watching someone master riding this hover board for kids. The Mototec Hoverboard 24V comes in 5 different colors so everyone in your household can find a color they love. Watch them hover around the neighborhood on this bluetooth hoverboard at a max speed of 6mph and super bright LED lights for a cool look and safety visibility.


After being around for 50 years, even skateboards have been given an upgrade. Introducing e-skateboards with off road capabilities, no more confinement to side walk surfing! The Mototec Dirt Electric Skateboard can take you wherever you want to go, even the beach. Equipped with large treaded tires, this off road electric skateboard, is capable of handling any terrain, but performs the best in off road environments. If an all terrain electric skateboard isn’t your style, don’t worry we are all inclusive here. The Mototec Street Skateboard is the perfect fit for you. Operated by a remote control, so you are always in control of your speed, this boosted skateboard has a max just right speed of 10mph. Your kid will be the talk of the neighborhood as he or she skates by house after house.