Welcome to Family Fitness at Home! We are taking fitness from the gym to your home and anywhere you go with high quality engaging equipment and fun activities for the whole family.

Grow as individuals and as a team while having fun through fitness!  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of products for enjoyment with your family and friends, and be a partner in your personal fitness journey. Step-by step, let's get moving together!

Remember the late 90s when razor scooters were on every child’s Christmas list? Well, the new age razor scooters have gone electric. Now electric scooters are on everyone's Christmas list whether you are an adult or a child. Scoot around the neighborhood or around town with the Mototec City Electric Scooter. Our fastest electric scooter, the Mototec can go a cool 20mph getting you wherever you need to go quickly. A rechargeable lithium ion battery makes this one of the best electric scooters. Start your own scooter gang and grab one of these e-scooters for every member of your family. 

Not all home workouts need to be physical; mental workouts are just as important. An excellent mental workout is family board games. From dominoes to chess and even backgammon, these classic board games offer a fun, interactive challenge for the whole family. The Animal Kingdom multi-functional table can be used for chess, checkers, and backgammon. Elevate your checkers board game with this exquisitely handcrafted table from Italy. Ideal for a rainy day in or that long winter break, the Animal Kingdom table combines all the best board games into one tastefully designed table.

If you prefer to do a quiet exercise, then consider a Yoga practice. It is a great exercise that can be done with the whole family nearly anywhere. Too hot outside? Throw down a thick yoga mat in your living room. Tranquil breezy day outside? Then do some outdoor yoga in your backyard or even in a park. Technology today allows you access to tons of online workouts. Why not get your entire family involved and improve everyone’s health and happiness? To get started you’ll need 2 yoga essentials: an eco friendly yoga mat and cork yoga blocks. In order to practice yoga anywhere, you’ll need our Jute Premium Yoga Mat; available in a variety of colors. It’s thick, naturally antimicrobial, and great for all intensity levels. Essential for beginners, yoga blocks in a sense are an extension of your arms preventing over stretching and providing balance. 

After any intense workout, proper post workout recovery is imperative. Muscle recovery helps reduce soreness and stiffness so you don’t wake up the next morning whining every time you take a step or kneel down. Our Muscle Recovery Bundle is a fantastic place to start whether you are a beginner or pro. Containing our best foam roller to break down knots and increase flexibility, the Muscle Recovery Bundle is compact and perfect for traveling. The included resistance bands can be used for recovery, but also for a full body resistance band workout. Whether at home or traveling, the Muscle Recovery Bundle will be your lifesaver for muscle soreness.

In good times and in bad the need for connection never wavers, whether that is with others or with yourself. At home fitness is an incredibly powerful way to create connection, relieve stress, and feel good. Check out Family Fitness at Home for fun family games and personal fitness equipment to get your family connected and get everyone moving.