Yoga 101

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We’re firmly entrenched in all things autumn right now and depending on where you live, the change in season may also include a change in temperature.  Now is an ideal time to explore new indoor activities to keep your fitness routine on track during the cooler months. 


And, with the way 2020 has been - what could be more welcome than yoga? An activity that in addition to strengthening and relaxing your body, also impacts your mental health and state of mind. We can all use that this year!


For those new to the practice of yoga, there are several different types. Familiarize yourself with the different options and then choose the one that’s the best fit for you. Here are just a handful of the more popular ones:


  • Hatha - a general term for a type of yoga that is good for beginners

  • Bikram - a newer branch of yoga that is practiced in heated rooms with a set sequence of 26 poses (if trying this kind make sure you’ve got lots and lots of water!) 

  • Ashtanga - the same poses are performed in a set order; better for those with some experience and ready to work up a sweat. You’ll need some yoga mat wash after this one!


Yoga began on the fringes of western society but during the past fifty years, it’s become commonplace with studios popping up in cities large and small. It’s also a very ‘portable’ activity, in that it can be done with minimal equipment, at home, while traveling, outdoors, and sometimes even with goats!  

When considering the benefits it brings it’s understandable why many have gravitated to it. 

Strengthening your body is obvious, but it’s accompanied by tension relief, melting away of stress, unplugging from tech, and some much needed “me” time. Most importantly it results in a greater connection between your body and your mind. 


The growing trend of ‘family yoga’ is great to see. Some classes can accommodate kids as young as four! Not only do you reap the physical benefits, the improvement in your mind-body connection, but now - you’ve got a great family activity to look forward to together. Having a common activity for the family is great for grownups and littles.  And one thing that can sometimes be overlooked is a child's need to strengthen their own brain-body bond. 

Their routines have been on hold, up in the air, or even canceled altogether this past half-year. They need the same type of support as us adults, and one of the ways we can help them is by providing regular physical activity. 


A low-impact yet powerful form of activity, yoga is a great activity for any age and any fitness level to try. Start reaping the rewards now :)




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