How to play chess like a pro

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It’s a game of strategy, intrigue, and suspense. Known worldwide as a thinking mans’ game, chess is wildly popular in Russia, the US, and many other countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe. 


Utilized in films for decades with matches that last for years as a metaphorical cat-and-mouse game between foes - chess is a tactical exercise.  Two players, one chessboard, and sixteen pieces each with their own rules of how they can navigate across the board. 

Want to up your game ...or start it?  Here are a few tips on how to take your chess skills to the next level.


  1. Know the rules - get a great foundation by learning how to play the game.   Start by learning the different pieces:

  2. Queen: 9 points

  3. Rook: 5 points

  4. Bishop: 3 points

  5. Knight: 3 points

  6. Pawn: 1 point

And then learn how they move along the board:

  • Queen: forwards, backward, diagonally, and sideways

  • Rook: backs, forwards, and sideways

  • Bishop: diagonally only 

  • Knight: two squares in one direction and the one in another direction

  • Pawn: one square forward, but during its first move it can move either one or two squares

  1. Practice, practice, practice

As with everything, practice is always an ingredient in progress. Play as many games as you can with different players of varying skill levels. Learn from each match and apply what you gain to the next one.


  1. Study the classics!  In addition to watching matches online and reading about them, develop your decision-making skills, and apply them to your next game.


Once you’ve amped up your skills, you’ll find yourself a member of a giant chess-loving family.  There are about 600 million chess players around the world, and it is growing!   With people spending more time online during quarantine, the rise in playing and watching chess online has surged!  The popular site is expecting 10 years' worth of growth during the course of the pandemic.

No two games are the same - that’s something very welcome when days begin to blend together.  In addition to the variety, it can give your brain and body a break from everyday activities.  Aficionados of the sport have been able to find creative ways of adapting to the new circumstances. Lessons and some tournaments have been transferred to online platforms enabling those who love the game a chance to still play.

It’s important to take care of your physical health but your mental well-being shouldn’t be ignored either. A game like chess will be a great work out for you!







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