10 Ways to keep the entire family fit

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10 Ways to Keep the Whole Family Active


The pull is strong. 

We’re headed into cooler weather (well, some of us!) and we’re still supposed to be keeping our distance, reducing trips, and staying home within our own four walls. The temptation to binge-watch TV is there. And this is exactly the moment that we should be looking for ways to keep active and stay moving. 


Exercise and activity are essential in getting through times such as these. And with that in mind, we want to provide you with 10 ways to keep everyone in your home active:


  1. We’ve all seen the wave of skateboarding videos across social media recently. Breeze in your hair, the feel of floating down the road, letting your mind relax. Sounds great!

  2. Is there anything more freeing than jumping on a trampoline? Imagining you can fly, learning all types of tricks and jumps while elevating your heart rate.

  3. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. Grab everyone and the dog and head out to the nearest forest or natural area. It seems simple, but it’s an effective exercise and low impact if you’re just getting started. You’ll come back home with renewed energy.

  4. Yoga (with or without goats) is a great idea for any age or fitness level. You’re able to start with minimal equipment and beginner poses. Your body will thank you for slowing down your breath and stretching out your muscles.
  5. Once you’re more relaxed, you deserve some fun! And what a better way to do that than some friendly competition between family while you leave them in the dust of your Go Kart. Ready, set, go!

  6. Establish family game night - and don’t limit yourself to board games. Strengthen family bonds while sharing laughs and having fun. Twister anyone?

  7. Take your kids fishing - show them all your tips and tricks and enjoy the view, sights, and sounds. Stillness is as good for us as well.

  8. Go back to your childhood. It may sound silly, but think of what you did when you were a kid. Ride your bike, go to the playground. Many playgrounds are starting to include an area specifically for adults to “play on” while their kids run off some energy. Get a workout in while they mess around!

  9. Get outside! In addition to walking and hiking, activities like basketball on the driveway, or road hockey are a great idea to include all family members and keep them moving.

  10. Depending on where you live have a leaf-raking or snow shoveling race. Make sure it includes jumping in a pile of leaves or a snowball fight!


One common thread between these activities? Laughter. Make sure your activity includes an element of fun.  It’s great to keep the kids interested if it’s fun, and don’t tell anyone - but it’s good for you, too! 

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