5 Luxury Toy Cars Kids Will Absolutely Love

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the ultimate Christmas gifts for kids. Finding the perfect present is often hard, especially when you’re looking for something that is truly unique. Luckily, we’re here to help you find unforgettable gifts for kids that help you spend more time together. Our top present choice for this year has to be our selection of luxury toy cars for kids. We’ll go through some of the best luxury toy cars out there and why they should be on the top of your gift list this year!

  1. Licensed Lexus Electric Kids Ride On Car

For younger kids ranging from 1-3 years old, the 2021 Lexus model will have them riding in style. Sleek and stylish, the Lexus luxury toy car will have kids zooming around effortlessly. It features vertical-style functioning doors and also includes a hydraulic swing arm for a luxe touch. The Lexus 2021 toy car model also has an integrated multi-media console and cool LED lights for the ultimate experience. In addition, kids will love the realistic start-up engine sounds and the comfortable padded leather seat as they’re driving around. 

  1. Electric Mercedes GLC 63s XMX608 Kids Ride On Car

For a bigger car that makes a bit more of a splash, the Electric Mercedes GLC 63s is one of the best options for luxury toy cars. With two comfortable leather seats and remote control, this is a truly premium luxury toy car that kids will enjoy for years to come. The EVA rubber wheels and steering wheel with music make it a super realistic experience for kids and that much cooler. The Electric Mercedes GLC 63s reaches speeds between 2 to 8 kilometers depending on the type of road and weight in the car, so it’s definitely a fun ride!

  1. Licensed Lamborghini Aventador Electric Ride On Drift Car

For a truly luxurious experience for kids and families, nothing competes with the Lamborghini Aventador Electric Ride On Drift Car. It’s just like the real thing at a fraction of the cost, so kids can spend their time driving one of the best luxury toy cars currently on the market. It goes from regular drive to Drift feature, so it’s the ultimate premium experience for kids. 

The Lamborghini Aventador luxury toy car also comes with a host of great features to add to the experience, asides from the Drift Function. It also features real leather seats, parental remotes for safety, a light up dashboard, and classic Lamborghini features to make it feel like the real thing. 

  1. Licensed Bentley Continental Supersports Electric Car 

Another historically luxe brand, the Bentley luxury toy car, has all the amenities needed for kids to have an amazing time. Kids can drive the car and get the full Bentley experience with its modern design and blast some music, too since it comes with a USB interface for MP3 music. 

The build quality is unparalleled for this model, and it drives just like the real thing. The 2021 Licensed Bentley Continental Electric SuperSports Car has front and back LED lights, a working horn, and a parental control remote for safety.

5. Licensed Range Rover 999 Sport Supercharge

By far our most powerful option, the Range Rover 999 Sport Supercharge, is just that – super performing! For extreme performance, the Range Rover 999 Sport Supercharge is the luxury toy car that kids just can’t get enough of. It can be used for off-roading and comes with a working suspension so that it feels just like the real thing. 

There are working LED lights in the front and back, opening doors, and have both manual and remote control capabilities. Kids can use the manual controls to drive the car, but parents have the remote control to adjust speed levels as needed and make the riding experience safe and fun!

With our selection of luxury toy cars, kids can have all the fun of driving an amazing car – without incurring the massive price tag. So if you’re searching for unique gifts for Christmas, luxury toy cars make for an incredible present that kids can enjoy for years to come. You can find our full selection of luxury toy cars here, and we’re always adding new models to ensure you find the best possible options so that kids and families can enjoy together! 

Why foldable electric bikes are the next best thing…

One of the best things about e-bikes is that they’re easy. You won’t need to practice a ton to get the hang of them. You can use them pretty much anywhere, and they’re super handy. Foldable electric bikes have steadily been gaining popularity for quite some time now, and it’s easy to see why. A super affordable way to get around, once you get a folding electric bike, you’ll see what the fuss is all about. Here are just a few reasons why foldable electric bikes are the next best thing:

Foldable electric bikes don’t take up a ton of room

One of the best things about foldable electric bikes is that they don’t take up a lot of room. Super easy to store; you don’t need to worry about where to keep them. You can fold the bike and lean it against the wall, so it won’t necessarily draw too much attention. 

Foldable electric bikes are one of the best options for individuals with small living spaces and college students for this exact reason. It’s an easy way to get around, and it won’t be a hassle to store them. For example, the X-treme Xc-36 Electric 36 Volt Folding Mountain Bike is an affordable and lightweight folding e-bike. It can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge, and with only four hours needed to recharge the battery, it’s a great purchase if you live in a smaller space but need an easy way to get around.

Reliable form of transportation

Believe it or not, foldable electric bikes are incredibly versatile, so you’ll be able to use them for a lot more than you might think. One of the best things about this kind of bike is that you can use it as a reliable form of transportation in both populated cities and rural areas. If you’re looking to skip public transport and/or trying to drive less, a foldable electric bike might be what you’re looking for. Once you start using your folding e-bike more often, you’ll find that it’s a much better way of getting around versus having to wait for the train or constantly drive from place to place.

Because the batteries last quite long, you can cover a lot of distance relatively quickly, and foldable electric e-bikes are great for when you’re running errands or hanging out. The fact that it’s lightweight also helps since it’s easier to carry and store while you are out and about anyway. 

For a lightweight option that travels well, we’d recommend the X-treme X-cursion Elite 24 Volt Electric Folding Mountain Bike. There are lots of ways to make the seat, speed, and power-adjustable, so it’s one of the best options for comfort. Plus, it has an upgraded battery pack making it suitable for longer trips, so you won’t need to stress about charging if you go too far since it can last reasonably long.

Great for road trips and traveling

Another reason why foldable electric bikes are becoming so popular is that they are versatile. Not only can they be used to get around in a more populated, urban area, but they can also be used for road trips and traveling. Camper and RV trips, in particular, are an excellent time to bring an electric folding bike since you can explore nature and surrounding areas very easily. Because folding e-bikes have long-lasting batteries, you can get great mileage and cover a lot of ground with a single charge, making it a solid option for vacations. 

If you’re looking to get out into nature and go exploring, use a folding e-bike! It’s a portable and simple transportation method that you can bring on a trip with you for something a little different. 

Our personal favorites folding e-bikes for road trips and traveling are the X-treme Baja 48 Volt- Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle and X-treme X-cursion Elite Max 36 Volt Electric Folding Mountain Bicycle. Both can handle long-distance biking well thanks to longer-lasting batteries, have speed and power assist options, and generally offer a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

 If you’re looking for an easy transportation method that’s easy to store and use, we’d definitely recommend our foldable electric bikes. To find the best folding electric bikes, check out the selections on Family Fitness At Home! We offer a range of foldable electric bikes at a variety of pricing options, so there is something for everyone’s budget.

Why have scooters become so popular?

In the last year or so, we’ve seen scooter bikes become more popular across age groups, and it got us asking, ‘when did scooters become so popular?’ Rolling Stone did an interesting piece on how millennials have been increasingly getting into scooters. It got us thinking about why we’re seeing a resurgence of scooters, especially since the pandemic has started. We believe it’s because scooters are one of the best ways to get some exercise outdoors. You can use them in a variety of ways, making them an excellent investment. Here’s why scooter bikes are gaining popularity and why you should be thinking about getting one! 

Why have scooters become so popular?


The main reason why scooter bikes have become so popular is that they are super easy to use! Unlike bikes and ATVs, there is not as much of a learning curve. Plus, you can quickly pick it up, even if coordination isn’t your strongest point, and using a scooter regularly can help improve balance. 

The fact that it’s easy to use means that people across age groups can enjoy using a scooter. This likely adds to why scooters have become so popular recently. One of our favorites is the Mototec City Pro 36v 8ah 350w Lithium Electric Scooter Black, a good mid-range priced scooter that’s both lightweight and fast. You’ll be zipping around the neighborhood easily with this one, and with its long-lasting battery life, you’re sure to get a lot of rides out of it. 


Bikes tend to be cumbersome to store, and ATVs need loads of space to enjoy fully, but scooters? You can enjoy those pretty much any time, anywhere! Whether you live in a big city or a more suburban area, scooters are one of the most convenient ways to get around…and the other bonus? 

You can use it to commute and get around while skipping public transport. Especially now, when other modes of transport can be harder to access, a scooter is a great way to get around quickly and conveniently. 

It’s another reason why we’ve seen scooters become popular, particularly for those that don’t have access to a car. For example, our Mototec 2000w 48v Electric Scooter- Black is one of the most powerful scooters we have available. It’s great for hills and inclines thanks to its 48 volts and 2000 watt motor.


The other reason scooters have become popular is they’re an affordable option for families and friend groups looking for outdoor activities. You can find scooters for different prices, so there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to splurge on an electric scooter or seeking a budget-friendly scooter, you will be able to find it. 

We’ve seen many kinds of scooters selling a lot more overall, suggesting that scooters are becoming more popular across different demographics. Because scooters are less pricey than bikes or ATVs, they can be a great purchase if you’re looking to spend more time outdoors but don’t have the room to store something bigger. The Mototec Et Mini Pro 36v 6.6ah 250w Lithium Electric Scooter Black is an affordable and compact option if you’re looking for affordable, commuter-friendly scooters.

Scooters are going to continue to become a popular option across age groups as the year goes on. They are a fun way to go outside and exercise, whether with your family or friends or on your own. There is a scooter out there for everyone, with many options available across various price points! Now that you’ve learned about how scooters have become so popular, why not check out some of our scooters at Family Fitness At Home and pick one up for yourself to try out? 

The romance of chess

We’ve seen the popularity of chess skyrocket in the last few months, thanks to the runaway success of Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit. Chess has always been a cerebral game; perhaps chess and romance are not always the first thing you think of, but there is definitely romance in this kind of game! 

It’s elegantly played, and the give and take between the players can be a pleasure to experience and watch! Chess has always been connected to romance, even if we might not immediately pick up on that connection. 

The Romantic chess period

Believe it or not, chess has its own Romantic period! This started in the 15th century, making its way up until the 1800s as a popular style of chess. 

During this time, the style of games was more quick and tactical than the longer, strategy-driven games that we’ve become accustomed to. It was a dynamic, exciting time that led to thrilling chess matches, and that energy is what made them so attractive. 

There is still a lot of debate about what made this Romantic period of chess so distinctive. Some say it’s the sacrificial plays whether opponents had to accept the move. Others deem it the Romantic period because it was more engaging and dynamic styles of the game, and players did not go into strategy as much. Instead, they opted for showmanship and giving the audience a good show.

The Romantic period of chess was about embracing change, moving quickly, and not getting too bogged down in rules and gambits but playing more instinctively. There’s a lot that we can learn about romance itself from this type of chess, and a good lesson around enjoying moments together and following your instincts! 

Exploring chess and romance

Although subtle, there has always been a connection between chess and romance. In times when it was difficult for men and women to meet, chess games at cafes were a romantic interval for couples! This way, couples could spend hours and hours together without raising any eyebrows and have fun while doing so. If you’re looking for a romantic day in and spending some quality time together, a fun game of chess can be a romantic date idea

A deluxe chess set can help set the ambiance, and you can practice with one another, making it a fun activity. You can also use chess games as a romantic interlude after work to decompress a little bit, enjoy time with one another and get your mind off the day. 

If you’re looking for a chess set that looks beautiful for date night and makes a great luxury addition to your home, the Champion Chessmen & Marble Table, which is handcrafted In Italy, is a wonderful choice. 

Is chess always romantic?

Ultimately, the beauty of games like chess lies in their simplicity, and perhaps that’s why the game has endured over the centuries. A game of chess can be whatever you make of it. It is a quick and fun game, something long and drawn-out so you can strategize and learn more about one another. Or just an exciting board game that you can keep coming back to. 

Chess and romance have always been intertwined, and with popular shows keeping the game in the conversation, this will continue to stay the same. Whatever you make of it, a chessboard is ready and waiting for you to shape that experience! 

We have an extensive selection of chess sets across price points that are handcrafted and luxurious, making them a great investment alongside being a fun activity! Browse our chess set selections here as you plan your next romantic night in, and enjoy the game like the Romantics did back in the day! 

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