New Pre-Order Avyna Pro-Line, Flat-Level Trampoline-12-foot Round

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Avyna Pro-Line, Flat-Level Trampoline-12-foot Round

  • Brand: AVY
  • Product Code: 0003
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $1,495.00

Ground Level Trampolines


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Avyna’s Pro-Line has been Europe’s largest selling premium trampoline since it was introduced over fifteen years ago.

Avyna’s “FlatLevel” Models almost make the trampoline disappear from view while still providing the family the joy of safe trampoline fun. These models are the very easiest for homeowners to install of any ground-level trampoline on the market today. They can be installed with or without the use of professionals.

Avyna’s design team solved the problem of excavating the air from its ground-level trampoline excavation with an exclusive new breathing jumping mat fabric which passes 70 percent more air.

All other in-ground trampoline manufacturers are still offering extremely poor solutions for this inherent in-ground problem.

Avyna’s high-quality trampolines have been approved and tested by TUV which established the highest safety standards

for trampolines in the world.  No other trampolines sold in the United States have been so rigorously tested.


Meets or exceeds ASTM Specifications – the American standard.


User’s manual and additional installation information are included with each purchase!


The Avyna Pro-Line FlatLevel trampoline is buried even lower than an InGround trampoline. This construction, with a PVC protection plate, ensures that the round FlatLevel trampoline is completely level with the ground. 


The trampoline has a special AirStream jumping mat that ensures that the air under the trampoline to leave through the mat. This way the jumping quality of the trampoline remains optimal, as you can expect from an Avyna Pro-Line.


Why round?

Because the trampoline springs are equally tight everywhere, the jumper automatically ends up in the middle of the trampoline with every jump. This is safer, especially for smaller children.


  • Simple Do-It-Yourself or professional installation.

  • Low profile design beautifies backyard garden appearance.

  • Avyna's unique in-ground design provides a sitting area for jumpers.

  • Near ground level jumping surface means fewer safety issues.

  • Avyna's exclusive LIFETIME FRAME WArranty.

  • 96 galvanized 8.5-inch springs for a softer, better bounce.

  • Weight limit: 352 pounds.

  • Easy to install enclosure.

  • Frame: Lifetime 

  • Springs: 10 Years 

  • Mat: 3 Years 

  • Pad: 3 Years


Check out our Pro-Line Installation Video here!




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