Bike & Trail

Let’s get outside, connect with friends and family, and have fun with electric powered vehicles from FamilyFitnessAtHome!

We’ve seen it with cars and bicycles, now we are seeing electric ATVs, e-dirt bikes, and e-scooters. Whether you want to break away from the hustle of daily life or cruise around the city, electric power is the way to go. You may be asking why go electric? We’ll explain and explore some awesome electric options that’ll get your whole family outside.

Hit the trails or quietly cruise around the neighborhood on an electric quad. Powered by two 12 volt batteries the Mototec Kids ATV provides a safe, quiet, and insanely fun  ride. Because this kid’s ATV is electric, it is much quieter than the gas powered counter part. Have you heard an ATV ripping through your neighborhood? It’s a sound you definitely can’t miss. Your neighbors will be thanking you for going electric. Choosing this reliable electric atv for kids option will save you the headaches of costly maintenance and get you back on the trails faster and where you want to be. Because safety is always our top priority and the Mototec Kids ATV comes equipped with headlights and a safety foot switch. 

So many great stories of pro athletes and singers, start with “well I started when I was very young.” Start your young one on the Injusa Drift Dirt Bike. An electric dirt bike, the Injusa comes equipped with training wheels! No need to worry about having to balance an electric off road bike while also learning to shift, the Injusa allows you to take one step at a time. After getting comfortable on the Injusa, upgrade to the Mototec 500W Electric Dirt Bike. The 500W electric dirt bike for kids offers more speed and no training wheels. Take this bike around the neighborhood or to the local trail and see what 500W can do. And when you’re done riding for the day just plug in and you’re done. There is no paying a costly fill up for gas or hassling with an engine.

If city or suburban riding is more your style, check out electric scooters. We aren’t talking about the Lyme or Bird scooters, we’re talking about a real commuter scooter like the Mototec Cruiser. Whether you want to drive this electric scooter with with seat to work or use it to get around town, the Mototec Cruiser will have you reducing your carbon footprint and enjoying the outdoors. Our fastest electric scooter is equipped with a rear luggage rack and ample suspension for a comfortable ride. Lastly, going electric is cheaper. Despite a larger initial cost, over the lifetime of a product you will spend less because you are not having to pay for maintenance or gas.

Fun to ride and easy to use, electric transportation is the future. E-power is allowing more generations to have fun together and get outside. Family Fitness at Home wants to help you feel the cool breeze, take in the sights, and get where you need to go fast, with your new e-powered device.