Stroops Sheet Sled

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Stroops Sheet Sled

The Sheet Sled is a timeless fitness tool that allows you to add resistance to your running exercises. Simply load it up with your desired amount of weight and get to work.


This fully welded, powder-coated steel Sheet Sled is used to develop the lower-body muscles used for explosiveness and quickness. A common tool used by elite athletes, the sled helps to build muscle and power.


Unlike common sleds that have two rails, our Sheet Sled features a flat-bottom surface, which provides more consistency of resistance while pulling up to 225 pounds of weights.

-To avoid injury, warm up your muscles before beginning
-Place the sled on a flat/outdoor surface. Load as many weights as you prefer (up to 225 pounds) onto the 7-inch center post
-Attach the drag strap to the sled and your belt
-Put on the waist belt so that the strap is attached in back, connected to the “O” in the triangle ring
-Begin pulling the sled behind you



  • Brand: SPR
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